The Super Recyclers Grants

More grants to win!

Since the launch of the Super Recyclers, we have awarded  grants to a school and/or a daycare at the end of each school year to promote their project so that the donation can have an impact on the school community. To date, we have awarded $7,000 in scholarships and funded more than $200,000 worth of projects.

Winners of the 2021-22 Grants

For the 2021-22 school year, The Super Recyclers presented an additional amount to the École de la Pommeraie in Saint-Hilaire to recognize them for their exemplary clothing drive. They manged a zero plastic clothing drive. More than 1200 kg of clothes were collected in bundles, paper bags and boxes. We had to applaud the effort and reward the student who dropped by class after class to show The Super Recyclers’ video to the students attending the school and teach them how to recycle their clothes without using plastic bags, an environmentally friendly gesture.

École de la Pommeraie à Saint-Hilaire

The other school that earned an additional donation was École Saint-François in Île-Perrot. Two committed teachers spread the word to the school community and the surrounding area to raise funds to support the autistic children in their school. The fundraiser was held during Autism Month. We couldn’t pass up this meaningful gesture. Congratulations!

École Saint-François de L'Île-Perrot

Winners of the 2018-19 Grants

In June 2019, The Super Recyclers, accompanied by the Foundation, drew the $1,000 Grant as well as the two participation grants.

A $1,000 grant was awarded by the HUMAGO Foundation to École de la Renaissance for a collective school project, a group initiative.

To reduce waste at École de la Renaissance, a Green Committee was created for the 2018-19 school year to raise young people’s awareness of the environment and encourage them to take small ecological measures. The amount will be used to purchase a dishwasher to avoid the use of plastic in the cafeteria at lunchtime. The school encourages environmentally friendly lunch boxes and plans zero waste days. To view their project, click here.

Grand gagnant de la bourse des Super Recycleurs 2015-2016

Front row: Maria D’Andréa of the HUMAGO Foundation, Louise Turcotte, Marylène Alarie, Magali Bilodeau, Manon Cloutier, Marie-Claude Guérin, president of The Super Recyclers. Back row: Joël Gilbert (Head of École de la Renaissance) and Hélène Bourdon.

École de la Source in Shawinigan and Garderie éducative Mascouche are the happy winners of the participation grants.

One scholarship was awarded to a participating school and daycare at the end of the 2019 school year as a participation prize. The winning facilities each doubled the amount they had collected in 2018-19. The draw for the grants was broadcast live on Facebook at the end of the 2019 school year, on June 22nd.

Bourse des Super Recucleurs-Gagnant2018-199-Garderie éducative Mascouche
Bourse des Super Recycleurs-Gagnant2018-19-Ecole de la Source

Beurling Academy, of the LBPSB, wins the $1,000 grant and the CPE aux Quatre Soleils wins the $500 Super Recyclers grant 2017-2018.

Thanks to all the schools and daycares that participated in the Super Recyclers’ drives this year! Together, for the 2017–2018 school year, we recycled over 170,000 kilos of clothing and textiles and donated over $42,500 to fund your projects. On June 21, 2018, the Super Recyclers held a “LIVE” draw for the grants on Facebook.

Beurling Academy, of the Lester B Pearson School Board, wins the $1,000 grant

We want to highlight the collective effort of the schools and congratulate our top 3 best performing schools for 2017–2018: Stanislas College, 2075 kg, Lajeunesse School, 2881 kg and Jean-Leman School, 2809 kg. We would also like to thank our top 3 “soft spots” of the year. These are schools that stood out thanks to the commitment of their students and parents, their management, their daycare service and the community: the four Belle-Vallée schools in the Maskinongé sector, Lajoie School and Sainte-Dorothée School.

CPE Aux quatre soleils, in Longueuil, won the $500 scholarship.

We also want to congratulate our top 5 most efficient Daycare Centres: the CPE Enfant-Lumière, 3656 kg, the CPE Poussineaux, 2573 kg, the CPE au Petit Brin de foin, 2066 kg, the CPE Boucherville, 1695 kg and the Garderie Petit Monde Marin, 1512 kg.

Gagnant Bourse des Super Recycleurs 2018 - Académie Beurling
Gagnant Bourse des Super Recycleurs 2018 - CPE Quatre soleils

Saint-Émile School, of the CSDM, wins the $ 1,000 Super Recyclers Award 2016-2017

Since the launch of the Super Recyclers movement, more than 275 schools have participated and more than 200,000 kilos of clothing and textiles have been recycled or reused. Stacked, these textiles would form a 20-story building! The Super Recyclers funded more than $52,000 for projects in participating schools.

On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, the Super Recyclers proceeded to draw the grant and the Saint-Émile school, of the CSDM, won the $1,000 Super Recyclers Award 2016–2017 to finance projects for the students of their Day care service.

Remise de la bourse des Super Recycleurs 2017 à l'école Sain-Émile

Handing-over the cheque to the daycare service at Saint-Émile school in September 2017.


The first $2000 Super Recylers Grant was handed over on September 15, 2016, to the Très-Saint-Sacrement School in Lachine to help them finance an innovative composting project and to build a roof garden for the school.

Grand gagnant de la bourse des Super Recycleurs 2015-2016

The happy students of the Très-Saint-Sacrement School in Lachine, along with Syraha Ahmed, teacher, Louise Lauzière, school principal, Marie-Claude Guérin, president of the Super Recyclers and Yannick Proulx, also of the Super Recyclers.

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