100% Textile Challenge


The Super Recyclers’ 100% Textile Challenge Info and Rules

The objective of the 100% Textile Challenge is to raise awareness among elementary school students and their families to collect clothing without using plastic bags, while organizing a drive to gather clothing, bedding, shoes and small toys in order to reuse or recycle them.

Students bring back the items that have been sorted using a bundle and try to help their school win the challenge.

On top of receiving a sum of money based on the weight collected, which will help finance a project for the school, the students are making a wonderful contribution to the environment. Recycling is part of our lifestyle. Students will be able to discuss with their teacher the importance of reducing their consumption and will learn where textiles come from and they will know a little more about the process of giving a garment a second life. Teachers can find additional educational resources through the Super Recyclers Club.

Let’s take care of our planet together—every little bit helps!

The school that successfully completes a 100% textile drive by bringing in clothing in bundles, leaf paper bags, reusable bags, WITHOUT USING PLASTIC BAGS, will earn an additional $100 towards their fundraiser. The maximum number of winning schools until spring 2024 is 10 and the minimum weight must be 400 kg. The first one to succeed will be the first to win!

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We also wish to highlight certain clothing drives from last season. Many schools have distinguished themselves by their additional environmental engagement. Here are our zero plastic champions for the 2022–2023 school year:

  1. École Saint-Fabien, Montréal
  2. École Jacques-de-Chambly, Chambly
  3. École les Jeunes Découvreurs, Boucherville
  4. École Hébert, Laval
  5. École Saint-Joseph, Ottawa
  6. École FrancoJeunesse, Ottawa
  7. École Jacques-Buteux, Trois-Rivières
  8. École Socrates Demosthène, Laval
  9. École Marie-Leneuf, Trois-Rivières
  10. École Richelieu, Trois-Rivières
  11. École Fontaine Bleau, Bainville
  12. École Notre-Dame, St-Alexis de Montcalm

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