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Contribute to clothing recycling: The Super Recyclers' Green Program

We started The Super Recyclers first and foremost to develop in young people and their families the reflex of recycling and breathing new life in their clothes while developing their social commitment. We want to encourage our young people to work in communities and support their schools, and make them aware of the environment so that they learn to take care of our planet. 190,000 tonnes of textiles are thrown away by Quebecers every year! Why not have your school benefit from that?

By holding Super Recyclers clothing and textile drives in the fall and spring, you set up a green program and contribute financially to improving life in your school or daycare centre, because The Super Recyclers will give your institution a cheque based on the weight collected during the drive. In addition, you make life easier for parents, because they know that at your school, once or twice a year, clothes are recycled!

We primarily encourage organizing annual drives. However, if you do not want to set up a Super Recycler drive at your school, but would still like to become an eco-responsible school while educating your families on the importance of reuse and recycling of clothing and textiles, you could host one of our donation bins on your school grounds.

Let's recycle, for a greener planet! !

We offer this service through partnerships, as several schools have asked us to do so. However, we do not encourage it, as this option does not make it possible to easily make young people aware of the importance of social commitment,  recycling and reuse. If you have to choose between throwing clothes in the garbage or recycling them with a recycling bin, however, we still suggest the bin for a greener planet!

This service is mainly offered for high schools and CEGEPs, as students and teachers can donate their clothing  so that your institution can benefit financially.

For more information, please call us at 1-888-853-1898 ext. 2.

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