Picking up toys

Organizational change for the new school year 2022-23

The Super Recyclers had to make the decision about the toys we receive during the Clothing drive because of a higher quantity of toy donations over the past two years, which results in a heavy workload for sorting.

More than 60% of the toys received are unfortunately sent for recycling or garbage because they are too worn or missing parts. What child would like to receive a toy with missing pieces? And no foundation wants to receive a game that has changed colour or a bicycle that is rusty or has flat tires. We’ve also found that most board and puzzle games are missing a piece or two. Tell yourself that if your child doesn’t want to play with it because it’s broken, other children won’t either!

From September 2022, we will only take COMPLETE SMALL TOYS IN GOOD CONDITION. They must be handed over and placed in bags or boxes. No farm without animals, no house without characters, no games with missing pieces. Anything incomplete or excessively worn will be removed from the weigh in.